Dagens søk


“Education of girls

Girls also had a form of state education involving dance, gymnastics and other sports; together with other subjects such as music and poetry, including writing and war education. Traits such as grace and culture were frowned upon in favor of physical tempering and moral rectitude. The girls were also encouraged to help the males by humiliating them in public and criticizing their exercising. Just as Spartan males were raised to become warriors, the females of Sparta were trained for their primary task: giving birth to warriors. Encouraged to be strong and healthy, girls participated in athletic competitions, running footraces in off-the-shoulder chitons.

Spartan women wore the old-fashioned peplos (πέπλος), open at the side, leading to banter at their expense among the other Greeks who dubbed them phainomērídes (φαινομηρίδες) the “thigh-showers.” At religious ceremonies, on holidays and during physical exercise girls and women were nude.”

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