Highly unlikely

Alain Badious book «Our wound is not so recent» is everything you ever need to know about how the left is trying to instigate at European cultural suicide when challenged by middle eastern wahabism and salafism. A misconstrued world history are coupled with a misunderstanding of how nations fail or succeed, interpreted in schema of Freud an Marx, that leaves a lot of ordinary western people looking like fascist and the whole of the rest of the world like they are derived from western civilization. A great offense to both parties, as our hegemony is short lived and comes in a succession of hegemonies that are neither better nor worse. A great misunderstanding underlays the the whole book as well. It is not nihilism when you move in to a territory and use brutality and cruelty as a substitute for weapons and capital when you want to dominate. Nihilism is Badious response in negating himself and his own culture when challenged. Badious seems incapable of listening to the aggressors own justifications. Instead he list real and imaginary crimes committed by western countries and dreams of an alternative world where the challenge will simply go away. That would be a wonderful, but highly unlikely outcome.