Ducati kamskafter video


Solipsist on a Ducati Bevel from Carl Erik Lunde on Vimeo.

Having watched this video www.vimeo.com/76807240 I felt a bit heartbroken. So I made this video www.vimeo.com/135242595 as a sort of reply. I am not a solipsist myself. Having a family I am not very lonely either, but I won't let stand in the way of making my point. We should all become better at seeking out those of common interest and stick together as much as possible. The shared moments are of greater value than the objects of our interest or desire.




Idle Balance Ride from Carl Erik Lunde on Vimeo.

[video_lightbox_vimeo5 video_id=”102509435″ width=”500″ height=”889″ anchor=”Idle Balance Ride”]



Motoren er bygget av Brook Henry. Min også, uten at det hjelper stort.



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